Pop Quiz: Wilco

Aidin Vaziri | Wilco is playing a bunch of shows in the Bay Area next week. So we tracked down the group’s front man, Jeff Tweedy, 44, at his home in Chicago to talk about potential special effects, surviving life on the road and once again changing things up with the group’s eighth album, “The Whole Love,” released on its own label, dBpm Records.

Jeff Tweedy of Wilco
Q: Your kids recently went to the Kanye West and Jay-Z show. Did you tag along?
A: I was on tour. I missed it.
Q: I was curious how your attendance would affect future Wilco concerts.
A: Well, it’s not like I live in a cave – I would have a fairly good idea what to expect. It sounds like it was a massive production. They thought I should just get a lot of lights.
Q: Every photo I saw from that tour just showed a lot of people staring at a huge white light. I don’t think Kanye West and Jay-Z were even onstage.
A: Yeah, exactly. Just blind everybody for two hours. There must be some scientific way to burn your image into someone’s retina so they think they saw you.
Q: Would you take advantage of that technology?
A: Not all the time. Maybe half the time. It would be a Tony Clifton thing. You would never be quite sure whether you would get Wilco or not.
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