Review: Grace Woodroofe, ‘Always Want’

Review: Grace Woodroofe, ‘Always Want’: Aidin Vaziri | The late Australian-born actor Heath Ledger discovered this sultry singer – a fellow Perth native – when she was just 16 years old. Shortly before his death, he brought Grace Woodroofe to Los Angeles and handed her off to the very capable singer-songwriter Ben Harper, who in turn took her on tour and helped cultivate her talent. Now 21, Woodroofe emerges fully formed with her first proper album, “Always Want.” A potent showcase for her come-hither voice and languid melodies, it sends listeners reeling from the devastatingly beautiful opener, “I’ve Handled Myself Wrong,” and moves gracefully through plaintive folk tunes (“H.”) and jazz-imbued turns (“Oh My God”). There are even shades of Fiona Apple in the willfully askew “Transformer.” Who would have guessed Ledger’s legacy would be on the pop charts?


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