Pop Quiz: Reggie Watts

Aidin Vaziri | Since being handpicked to open for Conan O’Brien’s Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour, the 40-year-old musician and comedian Reggie Watts has only watched his profile grow. It’s finally beginning to measure up to his unruly Afro. His brand of humor is decidedly eccentric – Watts doesn’t so much tell jokes as ramble and make up surreal songs off the top of his head. But he has won fans in everyone from Aziz Ansari to Brian Eno (no, seriously). Watts plays four shows in San Francisco this week as part of SF Sketchfest. We spoke to him from his home in Brooklyn.

Reggie Watts
Q: Do you enjoy making people uncomfortable?
A: Yeah, of course. I love that element.
Q: Can you imagine the pitch meeting to get you on the Conan O’Brien tour: “It’s this guy with big hair and funny sweaters who sings really weird songs and just talks but doesn’t really say anything”?
A: It was one of those things where it was recommended by writers on his show. They made the decision pretty quickly. It was oddly mellow.
Q: Is there anything funnier than seeing you two stand next to each other?
A: It’s awesome. He’s the best.
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