Live Review: Lana Del Rey at Amoeba San Francisco

Lana Del Rey smolders at Amoeba Records in S.F.: Aidin Vaziri | You could feel the air get sucked out of the room as Lana Del Rey tentatively made her way onto the stage at Amoeba. The pop starlet was at the San Francisco record store on Thursday to perform a few songs and sign copies of her new album, “Born to Die,” which earlier in the week entered at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. But she’s still shaking off the hangover from that disastrous “Saturday Night Live” appearance in January and, well, for just a few seconds there, neither the audience nor the singer knew what to expect when they first met. The trepidation didn’t last long. There were young girls who came dressed like her, boys clutching vinyl copies of her record close to their hearts, and eager silver-haired gentlemen with long lens cameras dangling around their necks. They unanimously offered Del Rey words of encouragement – some a little more enthusiastically than others.
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