Pop Quiz: Big Time Rush

Aidin Vaziri | Big Time Rush just might be the antidote for Bieber Fever. The boy band that started life on its Nickelodeon series by the same name is on the road in support of its second album, “Elevate,” playing sold-out shows to howling tweens. The immaculately groomed quartet – James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson – stars in the Beatles-inspired “Big Time Movie.” We spoke with Maslow during rehearsals in Los Angeles.

James Maslow of Big Time Rush
Q: What’s on your iPod that people wouldn’t expect to find on a boy band member’s iPod?
A: Recently, Foster the People. We’ve been listening to them a lot. I know everyone likes her, but I’m super excited about Adele. I like Jack Johnson. Between the four of us, we probably have every song under the sun on our iPods.
Q: I find it hard to believe you guys actually have time to listen to music since most of your time is obviously spent on photo shoots. At last count, I found about 1,872 online.
A: I don’t know if I could even count how many we’ve done. You know, we try to keep it fresh. How we look today is way different than we were four years ago. It’s not my favorite thing, doing photos, but we try to keep things up to date.
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