Pop Quiz: Billy Gardell

Aidin Vaziri | After 20 years of doing his act in front of various brick walls, comedian Billy Gardell was ready to pack things up. But just as he was planning his move away from Los Angeles back to his native Pittsburgh to start a career in radio, he got tapped to star as Mike Biggs on the hit CBS television series “Mike and Molly.” His co-star Melissa McCarthy, best known for her part in “Bridesmaids,” has already scored an Emmy for her role.

Billy Gardell
Q: You’re up early. Didn’t you stay up to watch yourself on “Leno” last night?
A: I did stay up and watch, but I have an 8-year-old, so I’m up at 6 a.m. no matter when I go to bed.
Q: On the NBC website they pulled the clip where you talked about Melissa getting the Oscar nomination. At what point is she going to pay you for doing all her publicity?
A: Why you say that? We root for each other and support each other. That accolade is rightly deserved. We’re all a little older, so there’s an attitude of gratefulness of our set. We all feel lucky.
Q: So you’re not throwing any tantrums if your coffee is lukewarm?
A: Man, every time that ID works at the gate I’m giddy. It’s the little things.
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