Remembering DJ Solomon Kahn

Solomon Kahn benefit celebrates DJ’s life: Aidin Vaziri | Nicole Cronin clearly remembers the auto accident that killed her fiance, the popular San Francisco disc jockey Solomon Kahn. She remembers it was their first day in Bangkok when their taxi – much more compact than the ones we have here – stalled in the middle lane of a busy highway as it was crossing a bridge. She remembers panicking as she saw the cars rushing by them on either side and how calm he remained. “Relax,” Kahn told her. “Relax.”

Cronin remembers looking out the back window of the taxi, watching cars swerve out of the way. One. Two. Three. Then the fourth, a six-wheel truck, didn’t turn aside in time. Instinctively, she threw her body forward through the two front seats as the tiny cab was broadsided. “I was an athlete my whole life and that was my reaction,” she said. “My rear end being out of the seat just 3 feet made the difference.”

She and Kahn were separated at the hospital, where very few people spoke English. Cronin’s X-rays revealed a fracture that extended the length of her tailbone, injuries to her lower lumbar and a broken rib. Then, some three or four hours after the accident on Jan. 31, she got the news: Kahn, who suffered broken ribs and punctured lungs, had died of internal bleeding.”I knew it,” she said, taking a long, deep breath. “I was very close to him. When he passed I could feel it.” They were to be married in September.
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