Pop Quiz: George Clinton

Aidin Vaziri | Fans might not recognize Parliament-Funkadelic mastermind George Clinton when he rolls into town this week. The man behind R&B staples like “Flash Light” and “Atomic Dog” recently shed his signature rainbow hair extensions and ragamuffin getups in favor of a dapper new look. With his band’s stage props going into the Smithsonian and an honorary doctorate bestowed on his head, maybe it was time. Rest assured, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee’s stage-sagging ensemble still arrives with 40 years of genre-defining funk in its back pocket. He checked in from a tour stop in Houston.

George Clinton
Q: Where do you keep the Mothership when you’re not on tour?
A: We gave it to the Smithsonian Institute. We’re going to fly it for the last time in June when they open the rhythm and blues section.
Q: And the Berklee College of Music just gave you an honorary doctorate degree. Are you now officially Dr. Funkenstein?
A: It’s official. I never thought about no degrees, but I’ll take it.
Q: You’re always surrounded by so many people with instruments. What does George Clinton do to unwind?
A: I go fishing. It’s quiet as f- out on the water. Ain’t nothing out there.
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