Pop Quiz: Train

Aidin Vaziri | Say what you will about Train, but the band has stayed true to its San Francisco roots even with multiplatinum success. The group called its last album “Save Me, San Francisco,” sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Giants’ Opening Day in 2011 and even did a free set in Golden Gate Park for Alice Radio’s annual Now and Zen concert a few years back. To promote its sixth studio album, “California 37,” out April 17, Train is returning to its hometown the week before release and playing a string of sold-out shows in just about every club in the city. Lead singer Patrick Monahan told us why.

Patrick Monahan of Train
Q: You’re playing six clubs in six nights. Why not just do Shoreline and get it over with?
A: We love San Francisco. I also think it’s really fun for the fans. We have fans from around the world now and there are things they weren’t able to see from the beginning, like us playing these intimate venues. We learned the hard way that you’ve got to take care of your fans.
Q: You seem to really miss living in San Francisco. Do you ever think about moving back?
A: It’s so funny you’re saying that because I’m packing up a load of stuff right now. We just got a place in the Presidio.
Q: That’s great, but why did you leave in the first place?
A: I lost a dear friend and I ended a bad relationship. There were a lot of weird memories. So I had to bail for a while.
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