Review: Sleigh Bells, ‘Reign of Terror’

Review: Sleigh Bells, ‘Reign of Terror’: Aidin Vaziri | With its muddled sound and oddly mechanical movements, Sleigh Bells’ recent appearance as musical guests on “Saturday Night Live” felt like a far bigger disaster than Lana Del Rey’s much talked-about crash and burn. But hardly anyone seemed to notice. That’s probably because this Brooklyn duo is not made for TV. The music guitarist Derek Miller and vocalist Alexis Krauss, who resembles a punk rock Bettie Page, make is far too weird and difficult for mass audiences. It’s a cluster of buzz saw riffs, industrial rhythms and breathy melodies put through the shredder. Yet there’s something about the group’s second album, “Reign of Terror,” that makes you understand why late-night television producers would want to come knocking. Through the din of noise and machine gun beats, Sleigh Bells manage to drop some pretty massive hooks on tracks like “Comeback Kid” and “Born to Lose.” Even as they veer wildly, almost recklessly from metal power ballads to drifting shoegaze knockoffs, there is a sense of ambition rippling throughout that could send them soaring.


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