Pop Quiz: Gotye

Aidin Vaziri | The song has become unstoppable. “Somebody That I Used to Know,” a call-and-response breakup tune by the Belgian-Australian songwriter Gotye, broke on YouTube late last year, long before its accompanying album, “Making Mirrors,” was released in the United States. Since then the xylophone-laced hit’s popularity has only grown – reaching 150 million views, hitting No. 1 in a dozen countries and inspiring countless bedroom covers. It’s also made Gotye – the stage name of Wouter De Backer, 31 – a reluctant pop star. His first San Francisco concert, originally booked for the 500-capacity Independent last week, was rescheduled for the 8,000-capacity Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

Q: A lot of people bought the album because of the single, but the rest of it is kind of all over the place.
A: It’s like a teenager’s bedroom with s- strewn everywhere.
Q: Is that what it’s like inside your head?
A: I’m actually quite neat. There’s a specific reason for everything on there.
Q: So are audience members walking out after you play “Somebody That I Used to Know”?
A: I play it in the middle of the set, and it doesn’t feel like large groups of the audience are leaving. People know more than just that track. At some of the bigger venues it’s been a struggle to get the whole audience to stop talking over some of the quieter songs. But I’m getting used to asking the audience politely to be quiet.
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