Review: Loquat, ‘We Could Be Arsonists’

Review: Loquat, ‘We Could Be Arsonists’: Aidin Vaziri | With three out of five members vacating their posts after Loquat’s last major tour, it’s a wonder this album even exists. Thankfully, the Bay Area group’s pop sensibilities remain intact – reinvigorated, even – after the unexpected personnel shakeup. Recorded at Berkeley’s Fantasy Studios with a crack production team that included the Rondo brothers (Foster the People) and Dave Cooley (M83), the album packs several festival-ready moments, including the jaunty title track and stargazing “Time Bending.” Singer-guitarist Kylee Swenson’s gorgeous voice, meanwhile, is still the main draw; tempering the incandescent melodies of “We Could Be Arsonists” with melancholy sweetness and lovely folksy undertones. You would never guess that she finished her vocal parts while nine months pregnant.


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