Pop Quiz: X

Aidin Vaziri | The iconic Southern California punk band X is celebrating 35 years of making beautiful, twangy noise by doing what it does best: hitting the road. The original lineup – which features vocalist Exene Cervenka, vocalist-bassist John Doe, guitarist Billy Zoom and drummer D.J. Bonebrake – plays two Bay Area shows, revisiting highlights from its career, including a sizable run through its seminal Ray Manzarek-produced first album, “Los Angeles.” Cervenka looked back on the group’s wild ride.

Exene Cervenka of X
Q: Does it feel like 35 years have passed since you first got onstage with X?
A: Are you kidding? It feels like it’s been 135 years.
Q: In what way?
A: Life is hard.
Q: You’ve watched your fans grow from the stage. Isn’t that satisfying?
A: Oh, yeah. After 35 years, what do you have to show for that life you’ve chosen? The most rewarding is the effect you’ve had on people’s lives. Almost always, people will say things like, “Thank you for changing my life” or “Thank you for getting me through high school.” All that stuff.
Q: But it sounds like it comes at some personal expense.
A: You know what? It is so crazy doing this s-. Being an artist – it’s so hard not to have expectations of what you want to accomplish, but you just can’t. You will get disappointed.
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