Loquat: The Parent Trap

Bandmates rock ‘n’ roll amid parenthood: Aidin Vaziri | Being pregnant didn’t slow down Loquat singer-guitarist Kylee Swenson Gordon in the studio. Working on the band’s latest album, “We Could Be Arsonists,” she was slinging the ax and hitting the high notes right up until a few days before her son, Braxton, 18 months, was born. “I could feel my lungs squished,” she recalls of the sessions in her ninth month. It wasn’t long after leaving the hospital before she was back at it. “I remember the baby was in the mix sessions with us wearing these giant headphones to protect his ears,” she says. But when it came time to promote the album – the Bay Area indie-pop group’s first new full-length release in four years – Swenson Gordon and her husband and bandmate, Anthony Gordon, realized things would be different. “Last time we immediately went out on the road for a couple of weeks,” she says. “This time, there’s a little more juggling. I don’t think we’ll be doing a world tour anytime soon because we don’t know how to do that with a child.”
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