Pop Quiz: Al Green

Aidin Vaziri | Al Green, one of the great soul singers of our time, on dividing his time between the church and the road, remembering his late producer Willie Mitchell and hearing the president sing his tune.

Al Green
Q: On this tour you routinely ask audiences, “Does Al still got it?” Was there ever any doubt?
A: I never had much doubt. But I wonder if they had any.
Q: It’s not like you ever stopped doing this.
A: We’ve got too many shows to take. We’re turning down shows. I keep telling my manager, you’re going to run me down to my drawers.
Q: And you’re still the pastor at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Memphis. How does that work?
A: We’ve got the tabernacle that we enjoy first. Then we’ve got the fans and the tours that we enjoy second.
Q: At 66, are you as conflicted about the two worlds as everyone thinks?
A: That’s people making up stories … they trying to sell magazines and books. They say that he’s torn between two personalities. I’m not torn between anything. I’m doing what I do, and I’m enjoying it.
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