War of The Words: Duran Duran vs. Iron Maiden

Duran Duran-Iron Maiden quiz: Aidin Vaziri | Two giants of ’80s music are about to hit the Bay Area: Iron Maiden and Duran Duran. In their heyday, the bands couldn’t be more different. One was a British act whose members wore tight leather pants, filled their songs with screaming guitar solos and made elaborate videos full of pyrotechnics, while the other, um, well … actually that was both bands. Still, kids growing up in the era had to pick a tribe: You were either a Metalhead or a New Romantic. You either worshiped Satan or John Taylor. You either spent countless hours staring at LP covers decorated with monsters or men in makeup. But three decades later, is it possible to tell the bands apart based on their words alone? Take our quiz!
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