Pop Quiz: Yeasayer

Aidin Vaziri | After discovering a mass audience for its intoxicating mix of New Wave, Afrobeat and psychedelic rock with its 2010 breakthrough album, “Odd Blood,” Yeasayer ramps up the experimentation exponentially on its third studio release, “Fragrant World,” out this week. The Brooklyn band plays songs from the new release Sept. 1 at Oakland’s Fox Theater, before sailing on the S.S. Coachella cruise later this year. Singer and programmer Chris Keating tells us what he was thinking.

Chris Keating of Yeasayer
Q: The band is adamant about not opening for other acts. What makes you think the S.S. Coachella cruise is a good idea?
A: That seems like fun. Think about it this way: When we go on tour and I’m living on a bus, I’m sleeping on a bunk with 12 other dudes. … That’s as good as it gets. We spend weeks going through cold northern Europe. So when someone says, “Hey, want to go on a boat to the Bahamas?” And with bands I actually like? That’s a no-brainer to me. You’re going to pay me to go on a cruise and be with my friends by the pool? I mean, I’m never going to go on a cruise otherwise, so this is it.
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