Review: Purity Ring, ‘Shrines’

Review: Purity Ring, ‘Shrines’: Aidin Vaziri | People can’t stop talking about this Canadian boy-girl duo that made its first album, “Shrines,” without once stepping into a studio together. Programmer Corin Roddick created the choppy, wobbly beats that serve as the foundation for Purity Ring’s songs in Montreal, then shipped them off to Megan James, who sang the foreboding lyrics in her childlike voice about 800 miles away in Halifax. The result is a thoroughly contemporary spin on their label 4AD’s heritage act, Cocteau Twins – an otherworldly sound that disturbs the senses as effectively as it calms the soul. There are shades of James Blake and Skrillex in the glitchy rhythms and whiffs of broken-down ’80s pop in the twinkling synths, but it’s the wondrous melodies that blaze brightest on tracks such as “Fineshrine” and “Grandloves.”


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