Pop Quiz: Wyclef Jean

Aidin Vaziri | With the controversy erupting over his recent political and philanthropic endeavors in his native Haiti, Wyclef Jean aims to clear things up with his new memoir, “Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story” (It Books, 288 pages, $26.99). In the process, the hip-hop star also looks back on growing up in a new country and falling in love with Fugees band mate Lauryn Hill.

Wyclef Jean
Q: Didn’t you perform at the Republican National Convention?
A: That was a rumor. You wouldn’t catch Wyclef Jean performing at the Republican convention. What came through my manager is that it would be a show for disabled vets and students. But I didn’t commit to it.
Q: Where do you fall on the political spectrum?
A: I’m a Democrat, but at times I lean toward independent. If something is wrong, I’ll talk about what’s wrong. I want a bipartisan front in America. That’s the only way we can move further.
Q: Are you relieved you didn’t get to run for the president of Haiti?
A: I was clearly ready to serve as commander in chief of my country, but I didn’t want to contest the residency requirement. I ran for the urgency because I wanted an election to happen. Maybe one day I will run for mayor of New York City, being I have five-year residency here.
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