Review: David Byrne and St. Vincent, ‘Love This Giant’

Review: David Byrne and St. Vincent, ‘Love This Giant’: Aidin Vaziri | When former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, 60 teamed up with singer-guitarist Annie “St. Vincent” Clark, 30, there was some concern that the whole project might go up in a puff of pretension. After all, he has spent the past few years building chairs and blogging about bicycles. She, meanwhile, has worked stridently to take the quirky crown off Björk’s hands. But “Love This Giant,” an album that took three years to make, surprises from the initial blast of horns on the opening track “Who.” What follows is a funky, futuristic record propelled by warm brass revelry and exuberant Afro-pop rhythms. With tracks like “Dinner for Two” and “Lightning,” it’s certainly some of the most accessible work either party has produced, playfully alternating lead vocals while lobbing lyrical witticisms back and forth over the fanfare: “It’s true – I am a shaky ladder/ Intergalactic matter/ Outside of space and time.” Byrne and St. Vincent play the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco on Monday.


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