Review: Swedish House Mafia, ‘Until Now’

Review: Swedish House Mafia, ‘Until Now’: Aidin Vaziri | When this Swedish electronic dance music trio announced plans to split after one last tour, its fans went into a proper tizzy. Tickets for the San Francisco date, scheduled for Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in February, sold out in less than a minute. The promoters scrambled to add another date. Then another. And another. Now the band of superstar DJs – Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso – is looking at a five-night run at the place, having already become the first techno act to headline Madison Square Garden and top the bill at huge music festivals across Europe. It you’re looking for a clue as to what made Swedish House Mafia so popular, though, you’re unlikely to find it on this career-spanning compilation – covering all four years of its existence – of pummeling hits (“Don’t You Worry Child,” “One”) with skull-numbing remixes (Coldplay’s “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall”). Yes, the energy level is psychotically high, but there is a distinct feeling that the songs would be better suited playing in the background of Mountain Dew commercials than on headphones at home. Then again, that might explain everything you need to know.


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