Live Review: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at the Regency Ballroom

Awesome!: Aidin Vaziri | At first glance, it would be easy to dismiss Macklemore and Lewis’ sudden success as a fluke. The duo’s undeniably witty, monumentally addictive breakthrough hit, “Thrift Shop,” is about to surpass 30 million views on YouTube. They got their hit song out of the way early in the evening, eager to show new converts the layers and depth to be found on the rest of their work. “We’re going to leave everything on this stage tonight,” Macklemore announced. “We came here to sweat.” He meant it. Macklemore, born Ben Haggerty, is a fantastic lyricist, delivering socially conscious, self-aware verses through complex rhyme schemes and deceptively boastful tones, as he threw his body into every syllable. Lewis responded with contemplative beats, delicate strings and massive hooks.
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