Pop Quiz: Christopher Owens

Aidin Vaziri | In July, Girls front man Christopher Owens unexpectedly announced he was leaving the band: “My reasons at this time are personal,” he said through Twitter. “I need to do this in order to progress.” This week the 33-year-old San Francisco singer-songwriter releases his first solo album, “Lysandre,” a collection of songs that recount his experiences touring the world for the first time with Girls and falling in love with the album’s namesake in France. He spoke to us at his home in the city.

Christopher Owens
Q: It seemed like you were calling the shots in Girls. Why would you walk away?
A: There are a lot of reasons. There was not one instance that caused the band to break up. It was more of a long, slow process.
Q: Based on your other songs, you’ve obviously fallen in love before. What was it about this girl that deserved an entire album?
A: Well, it’s not really an album about a girl. The title is a bit deceiving. The reason it was important is because of who I was at that time – the person who thought it was exciting to fall in love with a girl while on tour. Maybe I wouldn’t do that anymore. It was about a time period when everything was naive and fresh.
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