Pop Quiz: Mika


Aidin Vaziri | You guys really missed Mika. After a three-year break – a veritable lifetime in the fickle world of pop music – tickets for his Monday show at the Great American Music Hall sold out in less than a minute. The Beirut-born, London-raised songwriter’s third and latest album, “The Origin of Love,” is a more low-key affair than his 5 million-selling debut, “Life in Cartoon Motion,” but it features big-name collaborators such as Greg Wells (Katy Perry, Pink), DJ Benny Benassi (Madonna) and Pharrell Williams. We spoke with Mika – real name Michael Penniman – from his home in London.

Q: You turn 30 next year. Are you anticipating any major meltdowns?

A: I don’t worry about having a midlife crisis because every time I make a record I have a midlife crisis. I’ve already had three mental breakdowns. I’ll probably have a fourth. I’m guaranteed multiple breakdowns. I’ve completely admitted to myself I find it hard to derive value in what I do unless I create something. I really am a victim of that. I’ll be 82 years old, and I’ll still be trying to write something. I’ll be a very embarrassing old man.


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