Depeche Mode, ‘Delta Machine’


Aidin Vaziri | Their fans may have outgrown heavy black leather jackets a long time ago, but the members of Depeche Mode are still bearing their angst. More than 30 years into an incredibly rich career of mining melody out of misery, on their 13th studio album the British synth-pop pioneers continue to refine their fundamental sound: bluesy riffs, industrial rhythms and unapologetically big hooks wrapped around Dave Gahan’s tortured wails. “Delta Machine” feels more grounded than the group’s last release, 2009’s largely analog “Sounds of the Universe,” picking up instead where the gospel-tinged “Songs of Faith and Devotion” left off. First single “Heaven” is a lush ballad that reveals its grandiosity on repeated listens, “Angel” revisits the sleaze rock of “Barrel of a Gun,” and the band reaches even further back on for the chilly techno of “My Little Universe.” For lost souls, these are comforting sounds.


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