Pop Quiz: Bat For Lashes


Aidin Vaziri | Bat for Lashes appears naked with a man draped over her shoulders on the cover of her latest album, “The Haunted Man.” It seems fitting. The British indie artist, whose real name is Natasha Khan, had such a tough time making her third studio recording she briefly considered giving up music altogether before coming back full force. She performs Sunday at the Regency Ballroom. We spoke to Khan, 33, during tour rehearsal.

Q: Do you envy someone like Katy Perry, who can go onstage and do jumping jacks and make everyone happy?

A: It’s definitely a deeper thing than just going out and doing songs. But each night is different, depending on the chemical reaction between you and the audience. Sometimes when I play “Laura,” you can hear a pin drop and people are crying. Even at massive festivals. It’s quite eerie. There are quite a few songs where I’m doing more movement and dancing and stage performance.

Q: That’s funny because with the first two albums you hid completely behind masks and feather headdresses, and on this one you literally present yourself in the nude.

A: Yeah, it is ironic. Before I used makeup and adornments to make myself bigger and brighter. It felt like me stepping into the magic version of myself. Now I feel like I’m much more confident and able to just be the performer without hiding.

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