Green Day at the Greek Theatre


Aidin Vaziri | The Berkeley concert was the group’s first local show since Green Day climbed back aboard the promotional treadmill last month with its 99 Revolutions Tour, playing smaller venues than usual. From a distance the band seemed unchanged. It wasn’t just the bunny, either. Armstrong appeared as wiry as ever, a scrawny figure with bad posture who looks closer to 12 than his actual age, teetering on the edge of the stage and repeating the motif “Let’s go crazy!” “I want to hear you go f- crazy!” “Go crazy!” Over the course of the two-hour-plus concert, he was a tireless ham: Pretending he forgot a verse to “Longview,” Armstrong pulled a spiky-haired fan from the audience to finish the song and close it out with a dramatic stage dive. The singer sprayed the people at the front of the stage with a hose, covered them with a toilet-paper gun and fired T-shirts into the bleachers from a cannon. At one point, he peeled out a guitar solo behind his head while standing on one leg, purely by instinct.

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