Prince at DNA Lounge


Aidin Vaziri | He reworked classic tracks like “Sometimes It Snows in April” and “Sign o’ the Times” by injecting them with a surge of electricity, layering them with meaty riffs and stretching them beyond recognition. Even with the musical pyrotechnics firing up in force, Prince rarely hogged the spotlight, often letting his all-female band members do the heavy lifting. His intention to make 3rd Eye Girl a thing, it appears, was in earnest. Still, the best moment was entirely his own. As he sat down at the keyboards for a straightforward run through “Purple Rain” while bathed in purple fog, there was a distinct shift in the frantic atmosphere of the room. As Prince led a sing-along of the chorus with deep gospel inflections, it felt like a just reward for getting elbowed and shunted by security guards and enduring the wafts of body odor.


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