Pop Quiz: Caitlin Rose


Aidin Vaziri | Don’t call Caitlin Rose a country artist. “I love country music – just as much as I love Indian pop music,” the 25-year-old singer says. Her second album, “The Stand-In,” certainly doesn’t sound like typical fare from Nashville, where she grew up immersed in the indie-rock scene. Rose has found a suitable home on Dave Matthews’ ATO Records, home of genre-bending artists such as Alabama Shakes and My Morning Jacket. She’s also got a knack for killer hooks, no doubt passed on by her mother, Liz Rose, who co-wrote several of Taylor Swift’s early hits. Caitlin Rose performs Saturday at Brick and Mortar Music Hall.

Q: Your mom wrote a bunch of hits for Taylor Swift. Why didn’t she give them to you so you could have millions of dollars and 8-year-old girls chasing you around?

A: Having 8-year-old girls chase you around is terrible. And she didn’t give them to Taylor Swift; they started working together when Taylor was 13. But me and my mother don’t really write together. When I started doing this, I kept it separate from my family in general. It’s my thing.

Q: I love how your dad bought five issues of Playboy when they reviewed your album and told the gas station clerk, “My daughter’s in it!”

A: Well, it was the music issue. I don’t think I’ll ever be Miss June. That’s actually a great magazine. Obviously, I’m not a subscriber, but they have some of the best writers. I really enjoyed the articles.

Q: That’s what they all say.

A: No, I also enjoyed the photos. They were very artistic.

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