The Rolling Stones at 50


Aidin Vaziri | The day after the Rolling Stones announced the North American dates for their 50th anniversary tour, we spoke with Mick Jagger. Now 69 years old, the frontman was as exuberant as ever as he talked about how things have changed, stayed the same and kept him running around the stage. The group returns to the Bay Area for a pair of arena shows next week.

Q: What’s the difference between being onstage in 2013 and being onstage in 1963?

A: The shows are much longer now. Way longer. There’s more people. But a lot of the songs are still the same. We did some really early stuff in London. We did “I Want To Be Your Man” as an opening number. That was kind of tongue in cheek; Paul McCartney was there, and I gave him a name check. Then we do “Doom and Gloom,” so we go right up to the latest thing.

Q: Everybody has a favorite Stones era. What’s yours?

A: Well, you know, people always say they like this one or that one; I don’t know if I can say I like this one or that one. There are a lot. Some are silly and amusing. Some are more productive than others. Even in the silly periods you find nice things. It’s all grist for the mill. I don’t have a favorite period. You take songs and mold them to what you do now – you don’t have to do them the way you did them once in the recording studio.


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