Björk at Craneway Pavilion


Aidin Vaziri | By the time her concert reached its encore on Wednesday evening at Richmond’s Craneway Pavilion, there wasn’t much more Björk could do to enthrall the 4,000 or so people huddled against the in-the-round stage.

The Icelandic singer had already opened the show with “Nátturá,” a song that used a Tesla coil as its primary instrument. She employed Sir David Attenborough, the British naturalist and filmmaker, to provide voice-over introductions to each song. And she had spent the previous hour surrounded by a gorgeous 20-member Icelandic choir, Graduale Nobili, which sent chill after chill throughout the high-ceilinged room.

 Now, as percussionist Manu Delagu tapped his fingers on what looked like a Weber grill cover (the technical name for the steel-drum-like instrument, it turns out, is the Hang), Björk padded delicately around the stage singing the opening verses of “Possibly Maybe,” one of the few older songs she revived for the occasion.

As the angelic voices of the choir mingled with the demonic static from the Tesla coil, the 47-year-old singer leisurely worked her way up to the chorus. When she got there, Björk unleashed that famous wail – clear, loud and not quite like anything else on this planet – and it felt like, just for a minute, we could all fall flat on the floor.

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