Pop Quiz: The xx


Aidin Vaziri | The members of the xx made their first album while they were still teenagers living with their parents. Singers Oliver Sim and Romy Madley-Croft and producer Jamie Smith spent the past four years watching in disbelief as the self-titled release went platinum, won Britain’s Mercury Music Prize and earned them a prime-time slot at Coachella. The black-clad trio’s follow-up, “Coexist,” has only made everything bigger and better. The group plays two sold-out shows in the Bay Area this week. We spoke with Sim from his home in London.

Q: When the grind of touring gets to you, do you ever fantasize about going back to your old job as a server at a tennis club?

A: No. It has its moments, but this still doesn’t feel like a job. The day the work side outweighs the creative side will be a bad day. Right now I would find it hard calling it my job. I definitely value where I am now, looking back at those dark times.

Q: Was music always the escape plan?

A: This band came from the most unambitious place. I wasn’t one of these kids who dreamed of being onstage and playing to loads of people. Being onstage was a chore in the beginning. We’ve toured with a lot of people and hung out with a lot of people who it comes so easily to; that just wasn’t us.

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