Trixie Whitley: On the Corner


Aidin Vaziri | Trixie Whitley can’t seem to settle down. Back home in Brooklyn for a couple days between tours, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter can’t decide whether to write new songs, catch up with old friends or even unpack her bags, lest she break out of road warrior mode. Even though Whitley just released her first full-length solo record, “Fourth Corner,” a few months ago she’s already thinking about the next one.

“I’ve been touring and traveling most of my life,” she says, as she searches for a quiet spot in her neighborhood cafe. “But now that I finally have my first record, a lot of aspects of it feel completely new. I’m in the middle of trying to figure out how it all can fit in.”

When it’s suggested to Whitley, who plays Saturday at the Chapel in San Francisco, that most experienced musicians learn to compartmentalize their lives – writing, touring, being civilians – with little room for crossover, she considers the idea only briefly.

“Maybe it’s just something I need to learn to accept,” Whitley says. “Or maybe, being a female, the tendency to multitask comes more naturally. I do constantly crave to be inspired on all fronts, so I naturally go for scenarios that allow me to feel like I’m being productive.”

Who can blame her for feeling a sense of urgency?

She’s the daughter of forever-on-the- fringes Texas blues rocker Chris Whitley, who died of lung cancer at 45 in 2005, when she was 18. Not only does Trixie Whitley have the same cascading long hair and large, glowering eyes as her father, but she also sounds like someone who is working out of time and out of step with the rest of the world.

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