Nine Inch Nails, ‘Hesitation Marks’


Aidin Vaziri | After taking a four-year breather – during which he picked up an Oscar for his score for “The Social Network” and became reacquainted with small clubs by way of How to Destroy Angels, his side project with his wife, Mariqueen Maandig – Trent Reznor returns with a revamped version of Nine Inch Nails on “Hesitation Marks.” Unlike the epic productions of the past, the group’s eighth full-length studio release is an endearingly subtle affair. With most of the basic tracks composed on a laptop, the beats are spare, the songwriting is lean, and the man at the center of it all sounds less angry than anxious. “I am just a copy of a copy of a copy/ Everything I say has come before,” he intones over the blips of “Copy of A.” Only it’s never sounded quite like this.