Pop Quiz: The Zombies



Aidin Vaziri | When the founding members of the Zombies got back together, it was supposed to be for just a handful of shows. More than a decade later, singer Colin Blunstone and keyboard player Rod Argent are still on the road performing faithful renditions of ’60s psychedelic-pop classics such as “She’s Not There” and “Tell Her No,” as well as selections from the group’s 2011 release, “Breathe Out, Breathe In.” The Zombies play three Bay Area shows this week. We spoke with Blunstone at his home in England.

Q: You guys have officially been together longer than the first time around. What makes it work now?

A: It’s kind of bizarre, isn’t it? The original Zombies were together for three years professionally. This incarnation of the band came together quite by chance. Rod and I agreed to do six concerts together – it was specifically for six concerts. It felt so natural that we just kept going.

Q: Do people scream as much at your shows now as they used to in 1965?

A: I think the first two years I needn’t have sung one note. I’m sure no one could hear anything. The PA’s in those days weren’t very powerful. Now very often, at least for the first half of the shows, people are really listening intently. At some point they will be on their feet – we do have some really great classic rock hits we can play. So we don’t get a lot of screaming, but we do get an incredible reaction.

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