Goldfrapp, ‘Tales of Us’


Aidin Vaziri | You already know Alison Goldfrapp can make filthily sensual electropop. But it’s when the slinky British singer strips away the ominous bass lines and heavy machinery that she becomes really seductive. That’s where we find her and musical partner Will Gregory on “Tales of Us.” The new songs, nearly all of them named after women, are wrapped in gauze and fog, with just enough sonic embellishment to induce quiet rapture. On “Drew,” they evoke Serge Gainsbourg’s late-night chansons, while “Simone” openly refers to Kate Bush’s shivery ballads. While it’s odd to hear Goldfrapp sounding so relaxed – in a way she hasn’t been since her first single, “Utopia” – the payoff is undeniably beautiful.