Kings of Leon, ‘Mechanical Bull’

Kings of Leon, left to right: Jared, Caleb, Matthew and Nathan Followill.

Aidin Vaziri | Since making a grab for the big time with 2008’s “Only by the Night,” Kings of Leon have had no other option than to make each successive album sound supersize. The Nashville band’s sixth offering, “Mechanical Bull,” is built for arenas – swinging from the passionate welps that herald opening track “Supersoaker” to the chugging guitars that pump up the epic “Coming Back Again.” It’s not so much an effort to innovate as to consolidate what the band does best. To that end, there isn’t a moment where the passion abates. You’re even tempted to take out a lighter and wave it in the air when singer Caleb Followill drops the ridiculous couplet, “I walk a mile in your shoes/ And now I’m a mile away/ And I’ve got your shoes.” But for all the bluster and pomp, they could have used a few more melodies actually worth playing in front of large audiences.