Sleigh Bells, ‘Bitter Rivals’


Aidin Vaziri | There’s something terrifying about the third album by the Brooklyn boy-girl duo Sleigh Bells. Everything sounds louder, for one, which is no small feat for a band that has plenty of experience making ears ring. The amplification is most discernible in the stadium-size synthesizer outbursts, chopped up beats and buzzing guitar chords of songs such as “Sing Like a Wire” and “Sugarcane.” On top of it all, singer Alexis Krauss sounds remarkably frantic, dishing out rapid-fire girl-group harmonies while clawing at everything in her way. On the burly “You Don’t Get Me Twice,” she seethes over hip-hop booms and AC/DC riffs: “You don’t get me twice/ I put your heart on ice.” That one is followed up with a song called “To Hell With You.” In recorded form, Sleigh Bells don’t always sound as dynamic as they should – merely a pop band with a terrible attitude. But you can imagine the music here handily flattening people standing in a field.