Kodaline, ‘In a Perfect World’


Aidin Vaziri | Who knows what’s going on with Coldplay? Last we checked in with Chris Martin and gang, which admittedly was a while ago, they were singing duets with Rihanna and getting a bit “experimental.” Frankly, that’s the last thing you want from Coldplay. Good thing Kodaline has stepped in to fill the void. The Irish quartet goes back to basics – melancholy pianos, soaring choruses and a singer who sounds like he could break down in tears at any moment. What more do you need? “How are you still holding on?” Steve Garrigan asks in “One Day,” the opening track from the group’s debut album, “In a Perfect World.” The songs here, such as “All I Want” and “Big Bad World,” are meant to inspire gigantic sing-alongs, with teary-eyed men in the bleachers reflecting on the sad state of their love lives and wondering if things will ever get better. As long as there are bands like Kodaline around, the answer is obviously yes.