James Blunt, ‘Moon Landing’


Aidin Vaziri | At this point, James Blunt’s chances of breaking free of his ubiquitous 2005 hit “You’re Beautiful” are grim. That doesn’t mean he has stopped trying. Working with producer Tom Rothrock, who recorded his debut, the 39-year-old British army vet turned singer-songwriter goes full Blunt on his fourth album, “Moon Landing.” Spilling over with universal affirmations of love and longing, folksy guitar strumming, and deceptively low-key melodies, it chugs forward at a pleasant enough pace. The first single, “Bonfire Heart,” could put him back on the radio, but the rest rarely makes for engaging listening, especially with a voice that sounds as if it has grown thinner with the passage of time. One small step for Blunt, and not much more.