Pop Quiz: Atlas Genius


Aidin Vaziri |When the members of Atlas Genius put their song “Trojans” online they didn’t expect a whole lot to happen. But then a handful of influential blogs discovered it, sending the Adelaide, Australia, group around the world several times over and making it a fixture on rock radio. With the arrival of the new single, “If So,” the band returns to the Bay Area on Thursday for a show at the Fillmore. We spoke with singer Keith Jeffrey.

Q: Did you have any idea all this would happen the day you uploaded “Trojans”?

A: I think maybe a few years before that we might have allowed us to think something would happen. When you’re younger, you expect an easy ride. At the point we released “Trojans,” we were the least optimistic about the chance of our musical going anywhere. We were just enjoying the process of writing and recording and listening back to the songs. We didn’t think anyone else would hear the music.

Q: Is it difficult touring America as a vegetarian?

A: Not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Even some of the roadside places have options – it’s not always ideal or super healthy but at least there’s no animal in it. I think the only place I have yet to see provide anything for vegetarians is McDonald’s. They’re adamant about serving carnivores.

Q: Is McDonald’s technically even food?

A: That’s right. That’s my mistake. I was looking for food.

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