Pop Quiz: Basia Bulat


Aidin Vaziri | Basia Bulat, the Toronto singer-songwriter who frequently draws comparisons to Joni Mitchell, amps things up on her third album, “Tall Tall Shadow.” She co-produced it with Arcade Fire t s Tim Kingsbury and engineer Mark Lawson, lavishing her heartbroken folk songs with noisy guitars and electronic effects. Many of the songs were written after Bulat suffered a great loss. She performs Dec. 9 at the Chapel in San Francisco. Bulat spoke to The Chronicle from the road.

Q: You wrote most of this album after one of your close friends died. Is it difficult revisiting those emotions night after night?

A: For me, what I love about the live performance is the energy I get from the people. Every city, every audience has its own personality. People bring their own emotions to the show. My job is to try to find a way to connect with them. I find that it’s uplifting because we’re all in it together. It’s uncanny – on this tour people have been singing along with the newer songs more than the old ones. I find it so moving.

Q: Now if you could just get everyone to stop comparing you to Joni Mitchell.

A: It’s just one of those things. She’s on this other plane. I don’t know if I can ever live up to it. Those are mighty big shoes to fill.

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