Pop Quiz: Quadron


The Danish duo Quadron released one of the slinkiest, most soulful albums of 2013, and you probably missed it. That’s all right. It’s not too late to pick up a copy of “Avalanche,” the group’s sophomore release, and fall for producer Robin Hannibal’s effortless grooves and singer Coco O’s commanding voice. Quadron performs with Mayer Hawthorne on Saturday at Oakland’s Fox Theater. We spoke with Coco from her home in Los Angeles.

Q: Robin is also in the band Rhye. How do you feel about sharing him?

A: Robin doesn’t tour with either of the bands. In that sense, it works out pretty well. When I met him, he was working on several projects, from disco to emo. He likes so many different things. It depends on who he works with, what the outcome is.

Q: On Twitter, you seem to have a thing for Blake Shelton. Can you explain the appeal?

A: Yes, actually. I’m very opinionated. Let’s put it that way. I have a lot of issues with these reality talent shows. It’s the wrong image to put to young kids that you get everything right away if you win a contest – the natural progression should be over a few years. With that being said, my boyfriend is a producer for “The Voice” and I love Blake Shelton. I think he’s hilarious. I think it’s worth watching “The Voice” just to see him.

Q: I’m sure your boyfriend will be thrilled to hear that.

A: He will. He feels that way too.

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