Nick Waterhouse, ‘Holly’


Aidin Vaziri | With “Say I Wanna Know,” a song from his previous album, currently serving as the soundtrack for a luxury car commercial, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about the arrival Nick Waterhouse’s second studio recording, “Holly.” But the 28-year-old Orange County native isn’t making any concessions to the mainstream here. If anything, he digs even deeper into his dusty horns, grinding organ riffs and gnarly surf guitars. Weaned on the vintage soul 45s he picked up at Rooky Ricardo’s Records while working as a DJ in San Francisco, Waterhouse turns out his own 7-inch-vinyl-worthy gems in “This Is a Game” and “Ain’t There Something Money Can’t Buy” – perfect for playing in anything on wheels, as long as it’s moving, and moving fast. Waterhouse performs March 8 at the Great American Music Hall.