Miley Cyrus at Oracle Arena


Aidin Vaziri | “I’m wondering if you guys could have a little kiss for me,” Miley Cyrus instructed, as a small army of cameramen feverishly scanned the crowd during her concert at the Oracle Arena in Oakland on Monday night.

For four minutes, as the singer performed her single “Adore You,” the giant video screens overhead broadcast the faces of couples, strangers and BFFs as they sloppily locked lips – or, in at least one case, recoiled in disgust – for an audience of 20,000.

It was awkward, uncomfortable and impossible to look away – which kind of mirrors the general sentiment toward Cyrus ever since she reinvented herself last year as a crotch-grabbing, weed-smoking, clothing-hating pop insurgent.

The 21-year-old singer’s Bangerz tour, in support of the album of the same name, is the most touted music event of the moment – drawing nearly as many news vans to the venue as parents dropping off their teenagers. It catches Cyrus at the moment when her notoriety has surpassed her art.

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