Pop Quiz: Bart Davenport


Aidin Vaziri | Bart Davenport broke plenty of hearts when he left the Bay Area for Southern California two years ago. Fans who championed him in beloved local acts such as the Loved Ones and Kinetics can take consolation in his new solo album, “Physical World.” The singer-songwriter appears on the cover as a melancholy cartoon superhero, but he’s still slinging the jangly, sweetly soulful melodies in “Dust in the Circuits” and “Wearing the Changes.” Davenport plays a record release party Friday at the Chapel in San Francisco.

Q: Pitchfork said you work in trend-resistant niches. Is that accurate?

A: I wouldn’t know how to fabricate some product that would be intended just to sell. I’ve really been trying to write this kind of pop song since the Kinetics – easy listening, jazz chords, up-tempo and fun. It’s gone through these different evolutions that have to do with surface-level aesthetics, but it’s still the same song.

Q: You’re dressed as a superhero on the album cover. What are your powers?

A: Really good at changing the strings. Not so good at leaping off tall buildings.

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