Pop Quiz: Christina Perri


Aidin Vaziri | To get into the proper headspace to make “Head or Heart,” Christina Perri temporarily moved to a small English town and psyched herself into thinking she was making music no one would ever hear. It’s only fitting that the album hit the top five on the Billboard album charts while the single “Human” and Ed Sheeran duet “Be My Forever” continue to win over new fans. The singer-songwriter, whose breakthrough came when her song “Jar of Hearts” was used on “So You Think You Can Dance?” while she was still working as a waitress in L.A., is on a headlining tour of the States. Perri, 27, performs Monday at the Fillmore.

Q: You started getting tattoos at 15, right around the time you started writing songs. Do they come from a similar emotional place?

A: You’re totally right. It’s hand in hand. I express myself through songs and tattoos and talking, because I talk a lot. That’s who I am.

Q: Emotions run high in your songs. Are you used to seeing people cry in the front row at your concerts?

A: If I was crying when I wrote the songs, like I was when I wrote “Human,” then I think it’s rad that exactly what I went through is on someone else’s face. That’s magical. I try to make eye contact with every single human being. I notice everything. I notice the people crying, the people singing along and the dude who doesn’t want to be there who’s just there with his girlfriend. They’re my favorites because I get to win them over.

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