Pop Quiz: La Roux


Aidin Vaziri | Five years have passed since La Roux released its self-titled debut album, launching the hit single “Bulletproof” and earning a Grammy Award. In that time, singer Elly Jackson, 26, split with her songwriting partner, Ben Langmaid, suffered from anxiety attacks and nearly lost her voice. But she returns in top form to steer La Roux’s latest release, “Trouble in Paradise,” and a series of live dates with New Order. Jackson spoke to us from London shortly before the tour kicked off. The band performs Friday at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

Q: You went five years between albums. Do you wish you could bash out ideas more quickly?

A: I do bash ideas out pretty quickly. It’s forming them into something that’s the best that you can make it that takes the time. Even though this is a very live record, we made it in an electronic dance music way – just two people in a room doing all the parts ourselves. We were trying to make a record we had never done before. We were doing a lot of research, working out the sounds we like. It was a learning process, and it was quite experimental. There are things we spent months on that didn’t even make it on there.

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