Pop Quiz: Beck

Beck Hansen

Aidin Vaziri | Beck, who will headline opening night at the First City Festival in Monterey this weekend, thought he would never tour again. Sidelined by a debilitating spinal injury suffered on a 2005 video shoot, he says, “It was a long, long recovery.” Now back on the road in support of “Morning Phase,” his first new album in six years, the genre-splicing songwriter is busting out all his old moves with his classic live band at his side. We spoke to Beck, 44, during a break at his home in Los Angeles.

Q: How does it feel being on the road with the classic lineup?

A: For me, it’s sweet because so many people never saw those shows in the ’90s, when the band was so formidable live. I’ve had a lot of bands and configurations since then, which were all great projects, but there was a kind of energy that this particular group of musicians had during that time. It was sort of visceral and fun and anarchic and machine-like.

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