How Not To Be a Total Jerk at a Concert


Got a pocket? You’re going to need it. With the summer concert season in full swing, what better time for a refresher on how to properly behave at a concert? Here are some of our suggestions for getting the most out of the live music experience without annoying everyone around you.

1. Put the phone away. You spent gobs of money, got all your friends together and actually had to put on pants. Hopefully with pockets. Don’t spend the evening staring at a 4-inch screen – and making everyone standing behind you do the same. Take a picture or two at the top of the set and then put it away.

2. Save your song requests for Spotify. Because of lighting cues and time restrictions, bands typically have rigid set lists that don’t allow much room for improvisation. They spent a long time thinking about the flow of the show and probably got into a couple of fistfights over it. Heck, Paul McCartney has pretty much been playing the exact same set in the exact same order for the past 25 years. There’s very little chance he’s going to bust out an impromptu version of “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” no matter how many times you yell at him to play it. Unless the person onstage asks for requests, don’t waste your breath.

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